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Rural Glamour F.A.Qs....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hi Everyone!!

Got some questions for your girl to answer!!:

"Ok, so I want to start wearing a little make up, I know don't laugh!!!! Do you have any tips for somebody that has only worn make up about twice in my life????"-Kita

You did the right thing already....Asking for help on the makeup matter. I'll tell you why....:)

1)Don't go running out and buying expensive makeup. I've seen so many of my friends run straight "one popular makeup counter", get pimped into a ton of products, then get home and don't know how to use them.

2) Identify what you want. Figure out what kind of look you want, for example, you want a natural look for the day and couple of hot looks for the night.

3) Start with the basics. Here's a list( For Kita, since I "know" her lol!!):
- a black mascara
- a big fluffy powder brush
- a eye shadow brush
- a blush brush( Try to get all these brushes in a one set...The best drugstore brushes in my opinion in a set are Essence of Beauty at CVS)
-a neutral( something that looks very similar to your lip color) lip gloss
-a pink( something that can be dressy) lip gloss
-a black eyeliner
-a eye shadow quad or trio with neutral colors( like vanilla,brown, bronze, etc..)
-a translucent powder(I call this a "starter" foundation, because it gives coverage with out looking covered and you don't have to match it to your skin color)
-a makeup bag

4)'s the part where it gets tricky...

-you got to learn how to apply all this, if you don't know how already. I learned by reading magazines and books but that can be time consuming...I would NOW make an appointment with a makeup artist who KNOWS makeup application or with a friend who knows makeup application.

-The problem I see with going to makeup counters and asking for that kind of help is that they will often charge and you get you money's worth in products or you feel guilty and obligated to buy products after sitting there with them for 40-45 minutes.

-Or you can skip all this and go head first and learn by trial and error by yourself. It's cheaper that way!

-After getting the basics figured it all out...then you can venture to other things like false lashes, bright shadows, blushes...the sky's the limit!!...

To my beauty babes...what else should Kita have in her "starting out kit"?



Kim @ A Life of Style on 6:48 PM said...

Great list Jamie! I would add UDPP, moisturizing lip treatment like Carol's Daughter Lip Butter or Smith's Rosebud Salve, and an e/s duo in a flattering color combo just to begin experimenting with color.

Anonymous said...

I'd say an eylash curler is essential. You can purchase at any drug store or Target, Wal-Mart, etc.

Toma on 9:00 PM said...

Looks like you covered it all! Trial and error with makeup is how you learn what works for you.

Elle* on 7:16 PM said...

Also, YOUTUBE. Block out an hour and just watch tuts on Youtube and you will learn a ton.

MAKEUP central-by LYN on 1:44 AM said...

wow! I really love these tips! Is it ok, if I post this on my blog and give you credit for it? I will def. link you. I just think this is a great way for my personal friends to get started and a great thing for everyone to know!