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Beneath The Surface...6 Months Celebration...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This is my hair, first relaxer in 2 years on July 19, 2008.I started my hair regimen officially on September 11, 2008...
It was in bad shape even thought it looked good. After a major set back in October( I had large whole patch on my hair break off at the crown, but I've baby-ed back to health and it growinf back ), a great healthy regimen( focusing on the health of my hair the length.)

Here's it is!!! March 11,2008. I can proudly say that alot of health is back. The back and sides are longer than they have EVER been straggly ends. And this is 4 wks post relaxer...and the first time I flat ironed and curled it since I relaxed those 4 wks ago.

I figured some things out about my hair in those 6 mths... It likes co-washes, moisturizing/seal combo twice a day...little combing...hiding under a wig(lol) no pulling and tugging and air-drying. Sound like it likes what I did most of the time when I was natural!!!
I will have my new update regimen tomorrow and a GIVEAWAY!!! Stay tuned!!