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Review:Halle by Halle Berry...The Fragrance...

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I'm so excited to be doing a review on Halle by Halle Berry, the new fragrance by Halle Berry! Here we go:


Top: Sicilian Bergamot Fig Leaves and Pear Blossom

Heart:Freesia Petals,Hibiscus Flower, and Ultra Mimosa

Dry Down: Sandalwood, Driftwood,Cashmere Musk, Olibanum Absolute, and Sensual Amber


I love this scent!!! I'm huge fan of fig and sandalwood, I love warm and woodsy fragrances, so this was an immediate hit for me. It smells very .very similar to my Prada Eau de Parfum( the original one released in 2004), but Prada is more Amber than fig . The packaging as you can see is gorgeous, very vintage inspired... Great for night or day, you don't have to just wear it at night.


Really none...other than, why would they introduce such a woodsy, warm scent right before spring? I normally don't wear anything with that oriental, warm smell to it once it gets hot. Maybe the chemistry of the scent changes for the better once the weather warms up and the skin warms up. I'll keep it out just to see how it does...I'll update:)


Great addition to your fragrance collection. Check it out!...It will be sold at Kohls and released this month.I've been wearing it every day since receiving it and feeling swexy:)...



Isis on 2:50 PM said...

Lovin the description...there's a new Kohl's opening close by so I'll have to peek and play when they open at the end of the month. Maybe'll they'll have some deals--all the other locations are off the beaten path and never worth the drive...

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 4:27 PM said...

thanks...kohls is one of places that I don't go to often but when I do I find all kind of'll love it.:)

Gina said...

I got it at Kohls a couple of weeks ago with a 30% off Kohls charge coupon, so it only cost me about $23.00. Well worth the price- it's sensual and classy and unique. Not overpowering.

My favorite perfume is Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker-Halle's is quite different from that but a great alternative for me. Not to mention that I wish it could make me look like Halle when I wear it, but that's a whole different story...

I hope they will come out with some body products to go along with it. Kudos to Halle for keeping the price down.