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Rural Glamour: Real Talk...The Trouble with Drugstore Makeup....

Monday, March 16, 2009

So....I was watching a very popular beauty/makeup YouTuber do a video on drugstore makeup. She expressed that she loves high end makeup because she knows she can go straight to the counter and try it on and make her decision without the do or die chances( you never know if will work on you or not) you get when purchasing drugstore makeup.

Ok...I understand that. It makes sense. But what if you can't do no better and ds makeup is what you can get now?...

The reason why I say this is that she seemed very condescending in the vid as she reviewed the ds products she picked up.Ok...she might not have no financial problems going on or she's just a shopholic like a lot of us...but it just made me....MAD.

There are alot makeup and beauty product obsessed chicas that:

1) can't afford the high end

2) mix and match

3)just frugal...$15 lipgloss is simply crack prices to them

I'm a #2....most of the time...then I'm #1.:)

But I was furious...don't look down at DS has its good and bad like alot HIGH END makeup...that's all some us( alot of us) can do right now. You know how many YT videos or blogs
I check where YTer or blogger gives a negative review on the $300 worth of HE makeup they bought? Seriously...half of the Hello Kitty reviews were blah.... AND...

As my mother would say "What ain't going on your house today...will be going on in your house tomorrow"

I'll see her at CVS and with her Extra Bucks.

PS...I clicked on unsubscribe... Thoughts?



MAKEUP central-by LYN on 10:32 PM said...

I agree with you. I don't dog d/s m/u and think there is good choices out there. I do see a difference, but its true what you said. There is good and there is bad. In both d/s and high end. I like to mix and match too. And affording high end gets real expensive real fast, plus that person can't say they use every single product to its full potential so that's money down the drain.

yummy411 on 11:13 PM said...

I was going to do a similar post... but you took a different spin to it ;) look out for my DS vs HE makeup post.

hmmm for me it comes down to convenience. ultimately money,yes, but there are times i save to splurge and times i just need some makeup therapy. drugstore, you can find decent items, then other times i'm irked cuz i waited for the bogo and used coupons only to have a bag of return items.

at the counter, i can sample, but a lot of times you don't want to try on the lip gloss/lip stick cuz you never know how the item has been cared for and putting it on the back of your hand doesn't always tell you the whole story, or there are snobbish SA's that make you wait, ain't trying to help you and just ruin your makeup shopping experience.

in the end, i'm waiting to see what's new in the drugstore or travel far for good customer service at a high end. which do i feel like today?

yeh a condescending vlogger gets the boot!

yummy411 on 11:14 PM said...

oh and thanks for your comments on my mommy at the makeup counter post! i appreciate them ;)

Meredith on 1:26 PM said...

I think everyone has a preference, I have mine, but I don't put down another brand b/c I prefer something else and usually those who do are trying to create the illusion that I'm HE b/c I use HE makeup and stress that they are "exclusive". Girl bye! If you look fly, you look fly! Now some HE is better quality, but DS has some great products as well.Yea I'd unsubscribe too.


Anonymous said...

I buy drug store since there are no dept. stores in my town or really in my area (not any that carry a brand that I would try). I live in a rural area like yourself. It's not only about location it's about price. I have tricky skin and body chemistry and paying 25.00 for something like blush would highly likely be a waste on me. I just can't see spending a ton when I can try ds until I get tired of it.

And I have also noticed an uppity tone amongst people online about beauty products. There are plenty of good cheap things out there to be bought when it comes to beautifying. It's not about price, it's about quality and technique. And price does not dictate quality.

Elle* on 3:01 PM said...

I buy both. Generally, I find that higher end eye shadows work better (though there are drugstore options that are good), but I ain't paying 15-20 bucks for some dang eye or lip liner! It all comes down to preferences (and/or how deep your pockets run). I guess her preference is the high end stuff. Can't be mad at her for that though. Hell, I'm not a snob when it comes to beauty tho!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 3:34 PM said...

Lyn-Thanks for all the great comments on the posts:)I agree with not using the full potential of product. That goes either way...I got $2.00 l/gs I've only used once...nowhere near getting my money's worth.

kia- I agree conveiniece( sp!) is a factor.I live a cool hour away from only real good counters( Bobbi,MAC, etc.) and two hours from a Sephora)So, I make due til' I can get there@ the drugstore!And I got you...holla if you need me.

M-I agree!

Anon- You see where I'm coming from!! lol! But if I did live across the street from the HE counters, I doubt I would be over there for everything since I know how to "decipher" DS makeup!

Elle- Definetly, Can't be mad if she can do the HE thing!! More power!!I respect the preference...but it hard for me to swallow snobby behavior toward beauty products. That's why hit unsubscribe.:)

Mischo Beauty on 12:00 AM said...

LOL...I'd probably unsubscribe too...:(