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Review: Cover Girl Line Exact in Black...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Here's another Cover Girl product, Line Exact, that I had the opportunity to try:)


-Cover Girl Line Exact is small and very easy to handle. The small applicator with a spongy,felt tip eliminated the shakiness I get when doing liquid liner. It's easy to control.

-First couple times, the color came out perfectly and line I made on my upper lid was perfect. I was impressed.:).

-It doesn't bulge...all day line, even on top of eye shadow.


-I don't know, it doesn't WORK anymore! :( I've tried for the last two days to get the line I was getting before and doesn't give the same intensity. I even put stored it, liner end down, so that the liquid can run down to the felt tip. Didn't work. I'm mad.:(


-Cover Girl, you have to work on this applicator so that the customer is getting their money's worth. I wouldn't want to by a liquid liner at ANY price that stops working after 5-6 uses. It's got great potential:)...