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Rural Glamour Weekend...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Monday!!

This weekend was nothing big. As you can see, I'm still rocking the messy, curly fro...
But Saturday, I blow dried it out and flat ironed it to see if I had retained any length. I'm at 9 weeks post going into ten. I trimmed before the last relaxer. To my surprise, I did keep some length!! I don't directly blow dry my hair. Only hooded dryer and air-dry. I didn't do any heat since the last relaxer day til' Saturday. My hair is super thick all the way down to the root. I'm so happy! Look!! In the back, its shoulder length. I haven't been that long since I was pregnant.

My mom gifted me with some Always Infinity Maxi Pads that she found at a salvage grocery store .10 a piece. She got me 30...Thank God for frugal Moms!

Check it out!! You just don't know my happiness.....:)

Tried these Edy's Maxx Ice Cream...Skipped them if you don't like alot going on in you ice cream. They wayyyyy too much for me.


yummy411 on 12:51 AM said...

i love the short curlies!

you been nominated for an award! check out my blog!