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Dear Solange and others who BC( Big Chop) and feel the need to defend it...

Friday, July 24, 2009

a la Solange knowles "STOP.IT"

This is a picture of me in 1997 before I went to the Million Women March with 99 other women. I wacked off the rest of my already short hair. And... this was a time that chicks were going short and natural but had I folks telling me I should've cut my hair off( mainly female family members, like I had long hair or something). I had no political, emotional, or spiritual agenda to my decision. I did it because I saw the group For Real with the same haircuts and thought it was cute...

It made me mad back then that my own family was critical of the choice but I didn't give a damn and didn't defend it. This was the beginning of "I don't give a damn's" of how you feel about my look...

Over the years, I wacked it off several times. I even had a low fade...and a boyfriend who LOVED that haircut.

I'm just bothered at Solange and others who BC...feel "free" about it..then somebody says something...then they got something say back.She got on twitter used up all the periods available to make her point against "haters". If you didn't care why get on a social network and defend a haircut in which there is no hair left?


Own that cut!!! Find the right products for your hair, get a shape up, some earrings, and for goodness sake...don't go barefaced. If you don't like makeup,throw on some shades or something with that baldie.:) Hell, Solo, your creative than a mutha...dye the ish up like red, yellow and green.:)



Rai on 7:46 PM said...

LMAO!! She's done this before, when she was pregnant.
I think people must not remember that.

I think with Black people they feel like YOU NEED HAIR to be attractive or something. Some females infact CAN rock a shave/bald head.

TrinkyWiggy on 8:53 PM said...

There is nothing wrong with wearing a bald or shaved head. But I do agree with Jamie there are some beauty rules you need to apply. Even the Africans wear earrings and beads.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 6:52 PM said...

I agree with both of ladies!:)

Mick said...

Did she really big chop or did she take out the weave and do some "clipping"????

You know that I am not a fan of her. LOL!