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Rural Glamour: Practicing The "Smokey/Smoky" Eye...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here's my attempt at a "Smokey/Smoky" eye. Honestly, I've only did a Smokey eye maybe twice in my makeup life. Like "where am I going to wear all the black eye shadow"?? Well, I did this look... for church!!Lol!

I decided, after watch endless You Tube videos and blogs, that the best smokey eyes are matte. It looks better and blends better...I totally AGREE!

I used Black Radiance Eye Shadow Pencil in Black as a lid base. Then I went over that pencil with a black e/s from an old Sephora palette. Then I took NYX e/s in White and blended up into the brow bone. I use a a MAC Fluidline in Black to line the top and bottom of the eye. Then topped it all off with mascara.:)


Best Anti-aging Products on 12:50 PM said...

Hooray for smoky eyes! I've recently been sporting this look during daytime and I must say, I like the way I turn heads. After all, I study at a school which is fairly conservative.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 4:30 PM said...

If it wasn't so hot, i would do smokey eyes more...but my eyes start to melt after a couple of