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Shopping My Stash:NYX Blush and Eye Shadow in Copper

Monday, August 24, 2009

After seeing Kia of Yummy411 do a swatch of NYX Copper Blush, I went home and dug up my blush and eyeshadow with SAME name. The eyeshadow is darker than the blush and appeared to BRAND NEW and UNUSED...sigh....

I did little face with both on Saturday and I have to say I like both together!! The Copper blush is like a golden bronze and highlighted the cheeks well. The Copper eye shadow was an intense like a new penny...:)

Well, maybe like a penny from the! Awesome day look.:)


Elle* on 9:29 PM said...

Very pretty! I need both of those in my life!

Atiyah on 10:58 AM said...

LOL @ well maybe like a penny from the 90's.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 1:28 PM said...

Elle- Hi!! Where have you been? lol!

Atiyah- I would have said 80s and but most 80s pennies look decrepted. lol

Smell Goods Lady on 9:42 AM said...

Beautiful. I have just gotten into the NYX line. After hearing several sistas who are makeup artist speak highly about it. I've recently purchased Desert in the Mega Shine Gloss. Had a coupon for Ulta, yay. Anyway, I love the color a muted purple/neutral color. Great for my chocolate complexion and for the fall approaching. I have more stuff heading my way that I ordered online.

I enjoy reading your blog and tweets.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 2:06 PM said...

thanks!!! I like to buy my NYX from Ulta...great selection. both of these colors are from Ulta...I writing down the gloss name so i can check it out:)