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Revisted: Carol's Daughter Candy Paint in Hot Mocha...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finally!! I got to use my Carol's Daughter Candy Paint in Hot Mocha....

Its pretty,goopy,chocolate-y,smelly, stinky,beautiful all in one...

**Note to Lisa Price: You can make a natural, organic lipgloss that doesn't smell like old olive oil. Holla if you need me, Love Jamie.***
Did a copper/brown eye to match the gloss and cardigan. but then it got hot and I had to take the cardi off. Really, Fall in the South is actually a couple of weeks of extended summer. Sweating resumes. Yuck.
I'm getting really good at this smoldering eye look...Yes, I'm "sweating" myself. **Dedicated to 'old' MuXi***