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RG Project: NK HD Eye Shadow #3037 and #3039

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm still playing around with those six NK HD eye shadows til' I get some more.:)! On Sunday, I used #3037( matte black/dupe of MAC Carbon) and #3039 ( a satin/matte-ish hot pink-purple/dupe of MAC Pro Bright Fuchsia Pigment)....
I've own MAC Carbon in the past...and #3037 is a dead on dupe...

I used MAC Yogurt to blend and highlight...still worked on my blending technique and getting two "even" looking eyes...when I do them at the same time, they don't come out even....but if I do one eye, then do the other, it looks more even. You can tell I tried to do them at the same time in these pictures! lol!