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Shopping My Stash: Stila Loose Eye Shadow *4

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fun facts on Twitter and Stila and Me:

-This Stila Loose "powder" has no name...just "*4".

-Stila Cosmetics is on Twitter.

-I send a message "Is Stila on Twitter?".

-My Twit-homie HiddenGem says "Yes ma'am! @stilacosmetics" Thanks HiddenGem !

-I find out I'm already following them.:(


-Then I go to 'DM' them and they are not 'following me', of course...

-And my updates are " locked.:( :)
Played with *4 today and a little silver and black shadow..... Very "cut the crease" looking, even though that wasn't what I was going for....


PS- I'm on ...I got things on lock down so....


HeavenLei/Blumoonbabe on 12:08 AM said...

Love the creasework. That's something I'd like to work on more, but my eyes won't cooperate. I can get it popping on other faces, but it takes SO long to get it halfway right on my own (non existent) crese, I just say to heck with it, shawty.