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Shopping My Stash:MAC Azreal Blue....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hey Cuzins!!!

Well, I dug MAC Azreal Blue pigment from the crates the create a eye look that would match my Sunday dress. I guess ya'll have guess that by now...that I match my eye shadow to my
MAC Azreal Blue sample( from Ebay..back when they could sell loose piggie samples on there) NK HD #3020 and #3008...
Azreal Blue is right above the crease, in between #3020 and #3008....that #3008 is the bizness...its looks like a dark vanilla but is a matte light vanilla that just blends everything together...

I love blue eye shadow.... excuse 'dem busted eyebrows. I need a beauty assistant. Something or someone to remind a Diva of all scheduled "maintenance".