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$1.99 Mascara??....Ruby Kisses SuperMascara in Black Black....

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The mascara game on some real insanity ish right now. Companies, drugstore to prestige pumping out mascaras like it ain't nothing. Every month its something newer and supposedly better.

It drives me nuts. I just want a mascara to:

Curl my lashes
Alongate my lashes
Blacken my lashes
Plump lashes

All at the same time.:)

I was on my weekly trip to the BSS when I picked up Ruby Kisses SuperMascara for 1.99. Yep 2.00....
-the formula is soft. It doesn't dry hard
-Its Black Black. love that.:)
-the brush is soft. like a soft bristle brush
-its was 1.99. If it hadn't worked then I would not been upset....and broke.
-it plumps and lengthens at the same time. two coats did it.
-Waterproof.stays on til' you take it off.
-Comes off easy

-Feel like I need a new tube already. But I tend not to screw the top of mascara on tight, so that's probably my fault.
Consensus:( pic of me wearing Ruby Kisses SuperMascara)
-Best 2.00 spent. on mascara. makes my heart pound:)

****Question: Would you buy $1.99 mascara? Why? or Why Not?****



SoulSunshine on 3:50 PM said...

YES!!!! As long as the mascara works. I'll wear it. I'm not a brand snob. I just like whatever is going to make me look fabulous! LOL