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Rural Glamour Real Talk: Keeping Your Makeup On...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

There is not a week they goes by that I get this question:

How do I keep my makeup on all day?

Wellllll....I could say, "Try XXX primer or XXX blotting paper... XXX foundation will hold it up" But truth of the matter is that if you want you makeup to last from the time you wake up in the morning til' you take it off at night....well, that fantasy's not going to happen.However, you can possibly get til' mid afternoon "all day makeup". Here's how, plain and simple....


What I mean by that is... pack your blotting papers, translucent powder, compact mirror and lipgloss and check your face to see if its 'sliding'. If it is, then get to work on it. Blot,powder, gloss.
You have to stay on top of your makeup if you want it to last all day. Primers, long lasting lipsticks and glosses and foundations only give you so much time then you are on your own.

Just like your hair, if it looks out of place, you touch it up, don't you? Expect to do the same to your face.

You can check my current handbag on any given Friday and find 10 or more different lipglosses. Why? Because, I reapply gloss often. I also have two to three packs of blotting paper in there too. Why? Because after 1:00pm my face gets shiny, so I blot the oil off.

I have a friend who has dry skin and it looks like she is 'untouched' all day. I thought it was her dry skin that held her makeup on. Wrong. She carries a compact of translucent powder and Evian mini spritzer with her to touch up. She told me blot papers dry her out. So, she sprays, lets the water dry then reapplies the powder. She STAYS ON TOP OF HER MAKEUP.

So that's my magical answer to that question. Go ahead and buy the primers and foundations, pack it all on and hope for the best, if you don't believe me. But trust, you will have to touch ALL that up....




HeavenLei/Blumoonbabe on 2:02 AM said...

Like your friend, I also have dry skin, and I do think it goes a long way in keeping your face looking "fresh". The only issue I usually have I have is a little shininess between my brows, and I keep it in check similar to your friend, except I apply my powder first (MAC mineralize skinfinish natural in deep dark) and THEN spritz with the Evian mist. If my eyes get watery, my liner might fade a bit, but I just keep either a mini or almost out of commission stub of my liner in my bag (urban decay 24/7) just in case. And I just reapply gloss when I think about it, LOL


Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 4:20 PM said...

good tips... I blot then spritz. I have oily skin with dry spots...strange.