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Wishlist: Heidi Klum Eye Shadow Palette and Powder Gems....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I can't get my mind off Heidi Klum for Victoria's Secret Powder Gems and Eye Shadow Palette. I saw them two weeks ago at VS and fell crazy in love with both!!

The Powder Gems are gorgeous. I've never own anything like that even though various beauty companies have made something like this. Physician's Formula used to make a bronzer in that form that never got.
And this palette....Lord!

All I can say that the palette is only $24 for 5 shades ( pretty good deal, eh) Then, the black shade is like coal soot, it was so black when a swatched it. All the colors when crazy pigmented.... I probably can dupe them all but I want this.



HeavenLei/Blumoonbabe on 2:44 AM said...

That palette is very MAC MAnish Arora, but with wearable colors...I might hafta get up on that!

yummy411 on 10:50 PM said...

i need to review this! i think the colors are fab and oooh the palette is hot. yes at HLB said very manish arora, which i loved then and want to scoop now! ;)

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 5:27 PM said...

Girls, I think I saw a manish arora palette at my CCO. Will check on that again.... Im getting this for myself for christmas.

The Home Spa Goddess on 9:45 PM said...

Hey doll!

I would take a pass on the pearls- I don't see myself using them very much.

Now that palette! O.M.G. This is going on my list of faves for the year! I love it and that black alone was worth the price.