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Review: L.A. Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow Palette....

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ah...another L.A. Colors palette via one the THREE Dollar General Stores in the county.

I saw this online first. I think it was on Cherry Culture or something. Five big bright colors. A little spotty on the application but overally cool to use and a GREAT price.

Check your stores that sell L.A. Colors before getting this online. I've seen it online for like $3.99. I got it for a $1.00.

I used the blue, green and the orange.:) I think I'll tuck it away for the spring/summer.



Alycia's Hot Spot! on 8:48 AM said...

I have this same palette, like u I picked it up at one of 3 Dollar General stores my small town has also. LOL! I have not had a chance to try it yet. Looks good on you.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 4:07 PM said...

Thanks!! Try it...its pretty awesome:)

Ms.DeMicia on 1:51 AM said...

I just brought this today! awesome colors even though i paid 2.99 lol..

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 7:47 PM said...

I hope you enjoy it! lol