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Review and Look: Tarte Spring Greening Reusable Straw Palette

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thanks to the lovely peeps at Tarte, I got to try the Spring Greening Reusable Straw Palette. I was immediately taken by its cuteness!!

But, I got seriously overwhelmed by the shades of eye colors. More than three colors in a palette gives me serious makeup anxiety. Just like putting on false lashes for a important evening out.:)....

I was browsing thru the Spring Sephora catalog for the 10 zillionth time and came across "directions" on how to wear the colors of the Spring Greening Palette...Really!!..they are in the latest Spring Sephora book!

No. Foundation. I did this look at like 10:00 pm...just playing around.

I did the peach color in the inner corners to the inner eye, then the lavender color from the inner eye out the outer corner. Then the best...the gold color under the lash line.
The colors were so-so pigmented, but in reading little more about the palette,I found out that they are mineral shadows and can be used wet. Great! I plan on rocking palette a bit more for the spring.
I didn't use the brush, it didn't look very stiff for me.
The lip glosses are a "thumbs down"( I'm actually wearing two of the colors in the upper picture) They just looks like clear gloss on me.
But, the fun part is that I plan on using the straw case as a makeup case this spring/summer in my straw bags. It just needs one thing....a mirror.