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Beautiful Blogger Award!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank You Alycia from Alycia's Hot Spot for the Beautiful Blogger Award!!

In order to accept this award, you must do the following things.

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  • Tell 7 interesting things about yourself.
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Seven Interesting Things About Me...

1) I obsessed with this dish called Chicken Adobo...I can eat it everyday. Its my comfort food.

2)I love Chinese take-out. Steamed Dumplings, Cheese Wontons, Egg Drop Soup, Sweet and Sour Sauce....LOVE Chinese take-out!!

3)I feel like couches are better to sleep on than bed. I can sleep on a couch over a bed any day.

4)I use my Snuggie as blanket. I never used the sleeves... they are too long. lol!

5)I can't wait to get my income tax money. ***huge smile***

6)I took the Census job test last week. There 28 questions and you only got to get 10 right. The girl in the test with me says to me before the test that her friend took the test with 10 other people and the friend was only person that passed!!! smh! Anyway, I got 25 right out 28....It was stimulating. lol! I actually was cocky enough to think I had all of them right. ***huge smile***

7) I've only rode the Amtrak once in my life. It was to NY last February and it was the longest trip of my life!!