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A Beauty Mystery...The Case of a Mascara in the Mail...

Friday, February 26, 2010

This lovely Jane mascara arrived in my mail today...with no note or return address...


So I did a bit of sleuthing:

-Its from a Charlotte NC zip code, around the Pineville-Matthews Rd/Carmel Rd zip....

-Who ever it is has my can't be somebody I'm close to, because they never remember my address, im not listed in the phone book...

-The handwriting looks familiar....but I ruled those two people out.

-The post stamp is from one of those Hassler postage systems, so maybe it was mailed from an office.

-Who ever it really NICE:) and I would like to say thanks personally( well via internet or something)

If its you....just email me or something.... ruralglamouratyahoodotcom:)

***update: Thanks to my girl Rai...I figured out where this mascara came from. Its from a survey I filled out on twitter. Rai got one too. Thanks girl!! That's what I get for signing up for free shit lol*****