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Review: Queen Helene Mint Julep Natural Facial Scrub....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I realized that I needed a scrub my face when every week I was battling a breakout. My pores were clogged and my face felt rough. I also realized that a once a week scrub was not going to get it. I need a scrub that could battle the acne yet be gentle enough for every other day use. I went to my local BSS for answers, since recently I saw some Queen Helene products on stock. I got Queen Helene Mint Julep Natural Scrub and tested it out.


- it’s in a tube, so I can squeeze it out and not have to dip my fingers in a scrub.

-subtle mint scent that’s not overpowering

-can be used everyday or every other day on oily skin, its really gentle.

-left my skin soft and for two weeks, no breakouts.


-grimy texture. Mainly because the scrub is made of walnut shell particles. It took me seven rinses to get it off and I still felt the grime. I had to pull out my cleanser to really get rid of the grime. I don’t want to go thru that every night.

Jamie’s Take:

-I didn’t like it overall even though it done its job. The grimy texture that took another cleanser wash turned me off.


***I bought it, cuzins…love JamieJ***


Isis on 11:14 AM said...

Origins "Never a Dull Moment" is a fab time you're in the mall see if you can get a sample.

It's mild, but gets the job done. Smells divine...

You don't have to just take my has great reviews overall...

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 1:13 PM said...

Hello fabulousness!! I think I've used that. But can't remember. I think it was my pre-blogging says. At any rate, I will ask for a sample the next time I'm at the Origins counter. I wish they still had these gumball machines with those white gumballs in them.

Goldilocs on 1:59 PM said...

Jamie dahling! I LOOOOOVE that Queen Helene scrub! Matter of fact, I use it daily! and don't go on vacay without it!

I started using it when i was working at Ulta & someone recommended I use it for breakouts! I am HOOKED! whenever Ulta has those sales I buy 2 @ a time because I love it so much!

I never had a problem with rinsing it off after use, but if I rush, I can sometimes feel some particles. But overall, it's an amazing product and my face thanks me for it! :-)