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Review: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in Cappaccino....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I’ll admit…I’m turned off by the packaging and the selection of shades when it comes to Revlon’s foundation and powders. But, when I heard the beauty rumble about Photo Ready, I had to get this.

Touted as the drugstore answer to MakeUp For Ever Foundation, Revlon Photo Ready’s 12 shades supposedly give the same airbrushed, flawless look. Here’s my take, of courseJ


-Great, light coverage foundation

-Only need a little for coverage, which is cost effective

-pump style packaging is sleek and attractive


-No color was a close enough match for me. I purchased Mocha( 010) and Cappuccino( 011), but decided that Cappuccino was the best out of the two evils. Mocha was too light and ashy and Cappuccino is too red.

-The red tint in Cappuccino is horrible. Who’s that red and brown? I need to meet a sista who’s that dark with red undertones. How did they come up with last THREE Dark shades? Out 12 shades, 3 are dark.

-The foundation gets darker through out the day. That sealed it for me. When my face got a darker shade of red, I was like “Where’s that receipt?”


Unfortunately for women of color, these are not good picks. Unless you’re Halle Berry (who is the Caramel shade, btw) or lighter, the shades are of slim pickings. I was so disappointed because I can’t afford MUFE, nor do I want to break off 40 something bucks to get it and I thought Photo Ready could be the answer. Hey Revlon, if you can pay Ms. Berry big bucks to be your spokes model, you can revamp and make more colors for women just like her.



Danielle on 10:01 PM said...

I was looking for Caramel and was surprised they didn't have it. I'll keep passing this one by.

Bianca on 1:02 AM said...

Yes, was either too light or too dark. And in the sun - woah sparkle city. I used some banana powder thanks to the advice of another WOC - but I gave it up.

I love the packaging and the way it felt, but color was no good.

I am seriously considering trying to figure out if I can remove the foundation in this container and refill it with my own LOL.

Denyse G. on 4:03 AM said...

I bought the number 10 and it was too light for me so I use it as highlight with my other foundation.. its working out pretty well that way..

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 3:13 PM said...

Danielle-I heard another blogger say that too, that there was no Caramel, weird.

Bianca- I've been trying to get my hands on some banana powder. I'm too impatient to purchase online and let it ship, i need it now!! The pump is great. Gives the right amount in one pump. Good luck opening it up!

Denyse-that's great idea.:)

Anonymous said...

i am that sister that is dark and red.that frustration is what i feel when i can't find one with red undertones because yellow sits up on my face.sistas have yellow,red,peach,beige and blue undertones,thats why those companies sometimes just give up.everytime a child of african descent is born so is another hue.a beautiful hue, but i agree they can do better

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 1:16 PM said...

Anon- If I had kept this... i swear i wouldve given it to you:)Try it out and let me know what you think of it.

Diandra on 4:32 PM said...

Hahaha, actually....i'm a dark girl with red undertones :o) My mother is from Belize, so we come from a line of Mayans and Carib Indians who have red skin (well not RED skin, but you know. A red light brown mix). Cappuccino is nice but I feel is perfect because of the red undertone. It's so hard to find a foundation for me, and i finally did. I especially like the med-full coverage it has. A top notch product in my book :o)