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New at Bath & Body Works: Orange Sapphire...

Friday, March 19, 2010

I grabbed a 2 fl.oz. Orange Sapphire up for $1, now at Bath and Body Works. I love the B&BW is doing that, letting you test out new seasonal scents for a great price. Of course, I used Orange Sapphire, in the morning, and it is a amazing wake up call of a scent. The notes in Orange Sapphire are blood orange, mandarin, white jasmine, golden honey, citrus sangria. Its citrusy and bright, and a bit familiar. Either B&BW or Victoria’s Secret has done this scent before because I’ve owned it. But, in any account, I think I’ll be snatching Orange Sapphire Shower Gel up to put beside my over- abused Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Wash! I received also a coupon for a Free Body Care Item with any purchase of $10 or More that starts March 29th. Go in get your bargain wake up call on! Lol!