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Review: Lush Grease Lightening....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The UK LUSH shop managers and the manufacturing team were challenged to come up with a new product idea. The winning team came up with this super effective tea tree, rosemary and witch hazel gel, a spot cleanser for acne-prone skin. Dab on a tiny bit (with a clean finger) of this wonderful gel and you'll feel it working straight away. Use it on one spot or many and watch them shrivel up and retire. Go Greased Lightning! Lush Website


-Perfect for beginning stage breakouts

-No irritation

-No drying out of the skin

-Dries clears and doesn’t flake

-Soothing to the breakouts

-Works well under makeup


-Doesn’t work as well on breakouts with a head or cystic acne

-Too much products comes out in one pump

Jamie’s Take:

I used Grease Lightening when I was having a hellish breakout. I had some cystic breakouts, irritated skin and small breakouts all at once! I used it on all of it and the smaller, newer pimples cleared out overnight. I also used it in the morning and then applied foundation and powder and Grease Lightening didn’t flake or move and the combo of three didn’t irritate my skin. It’s a great ‘stage one’ spot treatment but for advanced acne, it didn’t work. Also, it’s a great product if you ‘greening’ your regimen and you need to add a spot treatment.


***thanks to the folks over at Lush for sending this over!***