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Rural Glamour: 4 Step Sustainable CURLS.... Step 2: Educate....

Thursday, April 15, 2010


You can’t change what you don’t understand…Knowledge is power – Sharing the wealth!

Through reaching out to 3 core groups, CURLS™ Customers, CURLS™ Stylists, and CURLS™ Salon Owners, The 4 Step Sustainable CURLS™ Campaign educates these influencers on how small changes can make a big difference for the environment. For example, there are many ways to avoid “product dumping” of used bottles. Regardless of whether they are labeled as recyclable, any time you throw out a bottle you’re causing detrimental effects on the environment. CURLS™ will also show how technology can reduce your carbon footprint!

Through creative promotional efforts like “plantable postcards” organic paper cards that are stamped with our message and embedded with wildflower seeds that you can use to plant your very own tree, organic “CURLS Environista” T-Shirts, and branded recyclable pens, CURLS™ hopes to spread the word in a dynamic and interactive way with all parts of the industry.

To educate salon owners, CURLS™ is partnering up with “Matter of Trust,” an organization of stylists who collect hair scraps that are then recycled and put to good use by being made into mats specially made to soak up industrial oil spills.

Did you know….

· Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions by significantly saving the amount of energy needed to manufacture the products that we buy, build and use

· Recycled materials account for 40% of the world’s raw materials and is critical to our future sustainability

· While plastics decompose, they can release potentially harmful substances into the surroundingground water and soil, affecting future generations

· Letting your faucet run for five minutes uses about as much energy as letting a 60-watt light bulb run for 14 hours

· Every year, an estimated 706 million gallons of oil enter our planet's oceans: By far the greatest source of spilled oil is households. Used Motor Oil - accounts for 363 million gallons in our oceans! 50% of Americans change their own motor oil, but only 1/3 of that oil is collected and recycled. 2/3 are dumped down drains or spilled on driveways and onto streets. One typical 5 quart oil change improperly dumped can contaminate millions of gallons of freshwater.