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Rural Glamour Beauty No-Buy April 4th-May 9, 2010

Monday, April 05, 2010

I've decided to go on a No-Buy( no makeup, no clothes, no jewelry, no accessories, no magazines) for over a month, April 4th( Easter) to May 9th ( Mother's Day)....

Why? .....well, I'm already hanging by a financial thread. By God's grace, I'm able to keep the lights on and roof over our heads but if I spend a little amount of money( $10 here, $5 there) it adds up and the next thing you know I'm broke and something important comes up( school pictures, soccer cleats and shin gards, gas, oil change, new tire...). It's so, so, so needed for a No-Buy for me right now. I mean no personal mess for me at all....

This week should be easy. I'm already broke, week #1 will be a breeze.:)

I'm one of millions of Americans who have been unemployed or underemployed for the last year. I know, I'm going to into personal facts here but I refuse to deny my children a great childhood because my wants. Sacrifice is nothing to your diva...I make it each every time:)

Your diva is still on her hustle! Remember the Blog Sale !!! Prices have been reduced!!