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Cleared Up...Review: Nubian Heritage Black Soap....

Friday, May 07, 2010

I watched a You Tube video by BlackOnyx77 on black soap one day. She talked about how it helped her little sister's acne clear up. I've always noticed Black Soap in BSS' but never gave it a second look. After the vid, I went a picked up a bar and started to use it...

Literally, two weeks later, I was clear of any acne and haven't had any since, not even during my monthly "hell".

I purchased Nubian Heritage Black Soap and it worked...I got to say it...MIRACLES to my face. I'm 32 and I still break out like a teenager so to finally run up on a product that cleared me up, all can say is good things.:)

I would suggest Black Soap, especially Nubian Heritage Black Soap to anyone with mild to medium acne over 30. Now, ya'll know I'm not a doctor or dermatologist, so if you have cystic and severe acne, please consult a doctor....

Go get a bar now.:)