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Fresh Coat: Orly La Playa....

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I promise myself a moratorium on nail polish over $3. It's getting ridiculous, divas.... Even at drugstores, $8 and up nail polish, that knowing me, myself, and I, will only wear ONCE.

So, I'm in Sally and Orly La Playa catches my iris and cornea and its $5.99. Geezzz......give a beauty addict a break! lol!

I buy it anyway and the color GORGEOUS. A creamy deep azure, not navy, and not a spot of shimmer. I'm digging it:)


HeavenLei on 2:27 PM said...

Girl I was saying the same mess to myself yesterday, fooling around in Icing (Claire's) and fooled around and got a matte polish, then went to Walgreens and got a couple bottles of Sinful Colors... I don't feel bad about those at all though... 2 dollars a pop? Holla!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 3:48 PM said...

that's a good deal!