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Rural Glamour Real Talk: Facebook F.A.Qs and Comments....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Among my family and friends it is a known fact that if you are not ready for the truth don’t ask Jamie.

I get a lot remarks, mostly positive on my Facebook page, the personal one and the RGB Fan Page that I need to address…In my opinion that is. I’m not a cosmetologist (just yetJ) or a medical doctor, I’m just a Diva who loves beauty. I’m in my element when I do the work of Rural Glamour.

Let’s get down the business of answers questions and comments…

1) “Your makeup is Fabulous! I wish I can do that….” Or “You need to teach me how to do that”

Jamie: You can. It’s called practice. Some people have a natural talent for application and some don’t. I really didn’t for awhile, I was just winging till I figured out I didn’t know how to do technical stuff, like shading, blending and contouring. I didn’t own the right brushes or know how to pick my foundation. So I started to do the research. First, beauty books from the library and bookstore, then the internet, and my saving grace of You Tube. You Tube and their makeup gurus literally taught me how to do makeup. You CAN do this. Research and practice will get you there. I don’t do makeup tutorials on looks mainly because I’m still perfecting my craft and learning. Do what I did, go on You Tube.

2) “Why don’t you do makeup professionally”?

Jamie: I’ve had a lot of sour experiences that have turned me off. I’ve had people ask me to do specific events but didn’t want to pay me what I asked to be paid which was WAY below most professionals in larger cities or at a counter. Some didn’t want to pay at all.I still to this day get asked to do makeup but when I quote a price, I don’t get the work. I do good work and I’m not going to downgrade the price because you don’t want to pay what I ask. Most of the requests are family and friends who know me and that’s what hurts. So I don’t do pro work. And don’t think I haven’t paid my dues by doing free work, I have. Plus, I’ve grown in my technique and I do even better work than in the past and deserved to be paid the asking price.

More F.A.Qs and Comment coming up tomorrow:) Later!



naturalnchicmakeup on 11:04 PM said...

Great post! Internet is a great place to learn how to apply makeup and find reviews.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 8:28 AM said...

I agree!