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Review: EOS( Evolution of Smooth) Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

Monday, June 07, 2010

Review: EOS( Evolution of Smooth) Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

Every since I saw an ad for EOS Shave Cream in a Allure Magazine last year, I’ve been on a mad hunt for it. What is it about EOS products? I had this same problem finding their lip balm in this area. Finally, I found it at the third Walgreens I went to. Here’s the Rural Glamour Scoop!


-The Pomegranate Raspberry scent is wonderful!

-Does a great job leaving skin moisturized after shaving even after drying

-Doesn’t slip of the side of the tub! Stays put due the plastic container


-Two pumps of the product do not get it for my coarse hair. I pumped a couple times to get the right coverage

-Comes off easy with water, so using under the shower is a no no

-Would have liked more product to come out with each pump.

-Hard to find. I just happened to come across it at Target on an end cap while looking at clearance items

Basically, EOS Shave Cream is like shaving with lotion. This works for some but I have coarse hair on my legs and need heaving duty shave cream and a no-nonsense razor to match. I wonder why they don’t make shave cream by the hair type. They got every scent and consistency you like, but what shave cream really works with thick or coarse body hair? I would think that someone with fine hair wouldn’t need a thick shave cream.

I did like that I didn’t have slather my skin down in lotion after I shaved. My legs felt amazing and moisturized even though I had to put some serious work in to get them hairless . If you see EOS Shave Gel, get it, you may not see it again.