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Review: GOGO by Therafirm Footless Tights....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Yes, your Diva has started work out. I looked at the calender and saw that my kids will be 6 in August....and I will have been the same size since 2004. This is not about a diet or losing weight, but renewing my life and making wise lifestyle choices.There so many products to aid a person on a fitness journey and being the product junkie I am...I wanna try them all.:)

The good people over at GOGO by Therafirm sent me a pair their footless tights to try and review!

I've started going to yoga twice a week and I've become quickly obsessed with perfecting my poses. I'm plus size girl so there is a bit of tweaking I have to do( ex: I put a rolled up towel under my lower back when we do the on the back floor like a charm). I wore the footless tights under a pair of capri-style cotton leggings and I was able to get an extra stretch in all my poses.

The tights contain micro fiber yarns and Lycra that aid in improved circulation and reduce swelling. They also assist in moving blood to your heart and gives you more energy. I can tell the difference in how my legs felt after wearing the GOGO footless tights on a 20min treadmill run. My legs were not crazy tired!

Please check them out at and join the "Healthy-Beautiful" movement!

I was not financially compensated in any way for this review. I was given a sample of the above for my review. These opinions were mine and were in no way affected by having received free merchandise.