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Go Green, Get Glam!: Review: Baggu....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Remembering to use a reuseable shopping bag requires effort and the memory of a Mensa member. LOL! No, but really, I have TONS of very sturdy, very cute reusable shopping bags that I totally forget to use all the time. Why? I can't call it, but I've found a easy solution in Baggu.

Baggu comes in great colors and is stored in a little pouch that you can just drop in your handbag. I put my Baggu( I got the Khaki color)in the outside pocket of my latest bag with my phone, so I know its there. I've used it over the last week or two to much success. Its holds a serious amount of grocery, which is my main issue with reusable shopping bags. I shop at the market, twice a week at the most and I always have a zillion plastic bags. I took my Baggu out at the Piggly Wiggly yesterday and that cashier filled her up! Felt good to be conscious.:)

I also used my Baggu at CVS. I put my Green Tag on the Baggu. :)

They also sell Baggu 3x, which is made for grocery shopping, too , Baby Baggu, for smaller shopping trips and produce bags, which is a must have for me now!

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***This product was given to me for review***