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Best Brows I've Had!: Christi Harris Precision Brow Planning System....

Thursday, September 02, 2010

If you have been following me for awhile, you have witnessed all the products I've used for my brows...from pencils to powders. You've seen what I've done to my brows too, waxing, plunking, razoring, threading, you name it!!!

For my brows, I've found that 'kits' work best. The ones that have the powder, the brush, maybe a wax or a clear brow gel.

Christi Harris Precision Brow Planning System seems like a perfect choice.Everything I needed in a kit!
The Kit includes:

  • • Precision Brow Planer
  • • Adda Brow
  • • Color Blend Trio
  • • Duo Diffuser
  • • Five Professional Quality Brushes
  • • Christi's Plane Truth About Brows book

Lift-N-Lite Brow Highlighter and Seal-N-Shine

Now take 2 Minutes...JUST TWO :)) and watch this explains it all....

On the left you see my completed Christi Harris brow.

This is the very first time I used it in this picture and it was close to perfect. The kit gave me that sculpted look I love without being crazy harsh. Here's my take on the kits pieces....

  • Precision Brow Planer - This thing is SHARP. I can use a razor to clean my brows, especially with those razors from the BSS, but this one is on another level from those. Its sharp so be careful.I got nicks from it as you can see in the picture above. Its does the job though and the handle on it gives you a better grip better balance when shaping. I would buy 10 of these though, just like I do those cheap ones at the BSS!

  • • Adda Brow - Actually works! I have sparse areas in my brows and I did as the instructions said and added the Adda Brow before the color and it did fill them out with out so much color to use.

  • • Color Blend Trio- the dark brown of the kit is my perfect match HANDS DOWN.

  • • Duo Diffuser -I didn't used this much. But the colors are beautiful eyeshadow colors for a neutral look (FOTD with the shadows coming soon!!)

  • BONUS Five Professional Quality Brushes -Its actually two duo brushes and one brush. I like all of them. The angle brush is thin and stiff so can you sculpt that brow! The contour brush is amazing high quality blending brush. Its had become part of my daily brush "crew". lol

  • • Christi's Plane Truth About Brows Book- I flipped thru it but found the video more helpful. Blame my attention span on that.:(

Lift-N- Lite- the formula is bit thick but when applied before you do the brow, its a good highlighter. Its like a cream shadow with a doe foot applicator

Seal-N-Shine- I've never used anything like it. I held my brows for maybe a couple of hours but they eventually wore away. I touch my face frequently though, so I was being counteractive to the product.

If you are starter in makeup and brows, this is a great kit. It gives you the tools you need for the look. You could even use this if you get your brows waxed or threaded. The tools in it are great for your brows.

For the 'experts' and beauty addicts, its everything you need in one place. No, having to lay this brush out and search for you brow powder, find you concealer, etc.....everything is in the box!

Order here!!!


I received a free product (or products) for review purposes. I did not receive any form of compensation from the company. All opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway. My reviews are my personal and honest opinions