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Glam Grub: Early Access Exclusively For Gold members: Starbucks Reserve Aged Sulawesi Kalosi.....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I tell people all the time, who have a Starbucks card: make sure you register it online because they are some great offers that only Gold members get via email before the stores and everyone else. Its so worth it!

Starbucks has a new Reserve coffee called Starbucks Reserve™ Aged Sulawesi Kalosi. It sounds amazing! check out the description:

Starbucks Reserve™ Aged Sulawesi Kalosi by Starbucks Coffee

Aged to perfection.

Just as aging improves wine and cheese, it heightened the already wonderful flavors of this coffee to unique and amazing.

We typically age Sumatran beans. But in 2005 we placed unroasted Sulawesi in a subtropical climate ideal for aging, then meticulously rotated and monitored the beans over the next five years until they reached their peak of flavor. A rich and complex coffee with lingering layers of deep woodsy herbs and warm baking spices, the result is truly rewarding.

I can't wait to get a bag! Did you know Starbucks has a Coffee Delivery Subscription Service? That is right up my caffeinated alley!