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Green Glam: The Anti Water Bottle...Vapur....

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I'm water snob....Only Dasani and Smart Water fill the bill but I noticed how super wasteful I was being when I would look down in the trash can and see three or more empty plastic bottles. Vapur claims to have the answer to wasteful people like me!

Vapur is a fold able, reusable water bottle. It folds and collapse in your handbag, makeup bag( perfect for professional kits) or purse. Just fill in with water when ready. Its also freezable!

I tried out the "Smoke" colored one. I really should have gotten a colored one. I could never found this in my black handbag. Remember that purchasing one, choose a bright color!!! I filled it with filtered tap water and put it in the freezer overnight and indeed it froze. However, I had a bit of a problem with the condensation as it melted. Other than that, it was a perfect water bottle as I worked at the computer. I later took it my kids t-ball practice and EVERYONE wanted to know where I got it from. Indeed, its a cool idea!

Vapur bottle holds 16 oz of water or 0.5L. I would love for them to make a small one, for the kiddies and my random sips I need in a small container. You can also buy replacement spouts and caps.

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