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Gearing Up for Fall and Winter Beauty: BDellium Professional Anti Bacterial Makeup Brushes....

Monday, November 22, 2010

For $ will be able to upgrade your brushes.....READ ON!

Normally, I don't attach prices to my reviews. Because I review a mix of products, I'm neither a budget or splurge beauty writer. I'm do-whatever-works kinda girl, which means mix and match your makeup and beauty products, from high end to low end!

But I couldn't resist telling you the price for the 7-piece professional brush set from BDellium....$39.12!

Here's a bit about BDellium:

Professional anti-bacteria makeup brush

Introducing a complete line of professional makeup brushes with cutting edge anti-bacterial technology. Our anti-bacterial technology will bring you top notch hygiene in makeup tools. We create each brush using a balance of natural and/or synthetic hair to achieve the perfect amount of form and stiffness compatible with the function each brush is designed for.

Most of the ferrules used in our brushes are anodized aluminum. The wooden handles are luxuriously lacquered with 7 layers of coating bringing you the ultimate in style and comfort.

You can choose from over 36 unique styles of makeup brushes to facilitate your every need. Please be on the lookout for additional styles. The Maestro Series, bearing a nickel-plated brass ferrule and black lacquered wooden handle, will soon be available and new series of brush lines.

As I review these for you, family, I will not be comparing them to Sigma or MAC. I don't own the comparable brushes in either brand. I don't own any Sigma brushes. However, if you are looking  to replace your old brushes or looking for a starter set for you or for gift....this is the SET...Check it out....

 I received seven brushes.

#948S Foundation- Great brush for liquid foundation. Thought it was too small for me at the beginning but the smaller brush allow me to take my time applying which gives me better coverage.

#964S AP Blusher- Best blush brush I own. I have small cheek bones and this covered them seamlessly with the right amount of blush.

#942S Slanted Contour- I own something similar to this that I like from another brand. I like that this brushes handle is longer than the one previously owned. I was afraid the hairs wouldn't get good and clean because they are white, but they did and without alot of harsh washing.

#763S Small Angle- This the least of favorite of brushes. I like my angle brushes to be tight at the angle for a slim, straight  line application. This one is on the thicker side with the hairs

#540 Precision Line- I was confused on this brush, whether it was an concealor or a liner brush! lol! I chalk it up to I'm still learning brushes and what they are used for. I need more work with this one before I can honestly tell you how I feel about it.

#777S Shadow- I love this shadow brush. Great for all over coverage of the lid.

#785S Tapered Blending- I dont own any blending brush this fluffy and wonderful. Worth the buy of the set alone. Really, you'll think you spent $39 on this brush!

All the brushed came with a a brush roll made of leatherette material and a cleanable inside. 


I love the set. Worth all $39.12! Buy It!!

I received a free product (or products) for review purposes. I did not receive any form of compensation from the company. All opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway. My reviews are my personal and honest opinions