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My 1st "Nappiversary" Week: New Hair Goals for 2010-2011....

Friday, November 12, 2010

I really didnt set any goals after my Big Chop or for my first year. All wanted was to be able to be wigless and have some length by the summer. Well, neither one of those things happened. I wore a wig all summer because I felt like my hair didnt grow. It took me months to realize my hair was growing I just wasn't doing a good job at retaining length!

So here are my next year natural goals:

#1: Length retention and I want to be shoulder length like Tempestt Bledsoe in this picture. Its not too long and not to short. When I was relaxed I wanted this length too, but never got there.

#2 Hair Education: The more you know about the science of your hair the better you can understand the care. So, I'll be investing some time in researching and reading books about hair growth. I know a little bit but it always good to know more.

#3 Trim and length check every 3 months. I was going every 6 months but I had some problems like single strand knots and split ends that I couldve gotten rid off long before if I had checked sooner.

#4: No heat( only for length check). My hair did well without it.

#5:Try a Ayuvedic regimen starting the first of the year. I heard that regimen works wonders! But I'll start the first of the year after I have ordered everything.

#6:Do more hair blogging. I realize I don't have a big natural hair audience but  its always good to just talk about my hair, more like my own personal hair journal online and you guys are checking in!

#7: Deep Conditioning under the dryer.

#8 Start a supplement regimen. I'm a horrible medication taker. So this will be the hardest goal. lol!