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2011 Beauty Resolutions and Reflecting on 2010 Beauty Resolutions!!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Its that time of year of again for my Beauty Resolutions of 2011...I've made these ( and some included fashion resolutions) since 2007 and I can't tell you how fun it is to think and reflect on how much more 'beautiful' you can become over a year with the resolutions. Plus, they are wayyyy easier to meet than regular ol' resolutions.

Last year, I made these resolutions and this video. O_O at the video. smh...

1) Make more beauty related videos for Rural Glamour. I'll be talking about all kinda stuff! No tutorials. I'm not the biz with that. Plus I need find another place in my house to do videos because the acoustics in my bathroom suck. ---FAIL. smh. No Excuse for it either, straight lazy.

2)Be better about my skincare. ---Found my holy grail cleanser and moisterizer!!YAY!!

3) Stay natural for a year.--Done!!! So sweet!

4) Expand my fragrance tastes and senses.-- I did this!! I tried and bought fragrances I would never thought of before. Ex: Faith Hill perfume

5) Have a wig wardrobe -  Done!!I had at one point about 7 wigs...then I narrowed that down to 2, now 1.

6)Apply false lashes. --Done!!!

Check it out...lashes...I went thru many many many pairs of cheap lashes to get it right. Now its easy.:)

2011 Beauty Resolutions are going to be just as fun with no video...LOL.

1) Find a perfect Gold nail polish...this is so hard for me! Some of them are very yellow and dont look good on my hands. Plus, it needs to be less than $8. #shade

2) No brow razoring- This a lazy habit of mine. I admit it and I just butcher my brows with one of those straight razors from  the BSS, then I spend months trying grow them back! I would like to have all of brow hair as I get older. lol!

3)Start a Ayurvedic regimen for my hair

4)Full Chin Length hair by my 2 year Nappiversary.- I'm bottom of my neck length in the back and cheek length in front. I can do it!!

5)Work on picking the perfect lashes- I have a huge problem with getting demi lashes ( they dont fit) or getting a lash that's too big for the look. Makeup by Ren Ren has a great video on this that I need to watch again.

6)Washing my makeup brushes more.

7)Keeping nails healthy and playing with nail designs ( again, this was resolution in 2008. lol).

What are your Beauty Resolutions? Let me know in the comments or if you have a post about it...I'll put on Rural Glamour!!