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Fresh Coat: Kleancolor Silver and Color Club

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

 Hey Everybody!

Yesterday I picked up about.....9 Kleancolor polishes at my local BSS. They sell them for $.99 and I swear I'm the only person that buys them!! Really, they tend to have dust on the tops and everything and they suppose to be $1.99 but I get them for $. 99 hookup. As if I need more polish. smh.

Kleancolor Silver
Color Club Love Em'/Leave Em' Glitter Polish
Nail Gems from Sally

  I need that tool that helps you pick up rhinestones. I would have done all the tips with the stones if I had one.:(
I feel so fancy with these stones. uh? lol!

Make sure to vote for my picture over at Kleancolor's FB here for details!


Shan (Gimme That!) on 5:04 PM said...

Omg! lol. I wonder if we are in the same city shopping at the same bss? I love Kleancolor as well. The guy in mine always gives me the hookup on them because I buy so many. =D

Love the stones :)

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 9:18 AM said...

Thanks! Maybe we are!

Anonymous said...

I will be on the lookout for this. I have a couple of their eyeshadow palettes and honestly I hate them. I think it is because it has so much mica and since I am darker complexioned, it looks ashy on me. Good looking out.