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Jamie's Weight Loss Diaries.... #2...Weekend Eating...

Monday, January 31, 2011

This weight loss thing here is absolutely, positively all about lifestyle change. For me, PERSONALLY, food is ruled my every emotion and never ever realized it. I was oblivious to how I ate emotionally all the time til I entered my first full week of the "change" and Friday, Saturday and Sunday rolled around.

The Weekend, as working people would call it.

The weekend is when my eating and emotions get completely out of control.  Again, oblivious to what was going on til I saw pictures of myself. Any given weekend in the last three, four years...three things happen:

1) The kids' go to their dad's house. Instead of enjoying the time "off", I dont take "off" .I'm a complete ball of loneliness or anxiety.

2) The kids' are here. lol! And something going on, someone's sick, someone's on restriction, I'm broke, I'm tired....

3) And within the last year either 1) or 2) includes my stressful parental unit, that we were forced to live with AGAIN.

I would cook wings, nachos, mac & cheese and if I had money, I would eat out every meal til' Sunday showed its face. I was feeding my loneliness, sadness and stress...

Welp, the first weekend after change...I slipped a fell, right into Zaxby's twice and Publix for raspberry layer slices to eat while watching funny movies to keep my spirits up. Sunday rolled around and I looked at my food journal and got mad at myself for eating like that....and a lightbulb came on just why I did.

I still have those same life hasn't changed but this past weekend was the first weekend I didnt mess up my food choices. I had one splurge, Pad Thai at Moonsoon but everything else was right on schedule. My food journal held me accountable. By writing down everything I ate and having to write it down, I didnt want write or read,  "2 cake slices from Publix:( "

Plus, a trip to the Goodwill also helped. Yep.  The Goodwill.  You can find nice stuff for plus size girls in there for sure, but the really cute stuff, the vintage dresses that I love, the Gap Cargos I wanted, were all in smaller sizes. When I mean smaller, like 10, 12, 14,! I long to shop in the smaller sections, the Medium and Large.

Weekend Eating or some called it binging on the weekends? Anyone else have a problem? Tell me in the comments:)


MrsKittyKaBoom on 5:19 PM said...

I totally feel your pain. I notice the URGE to "treat" myself with whatever I want over the weekend, because of a lot of reasons.

I suppose because I feel I "deserve" it for a week of hard work and doing good. But Im basically feeding whatever need I have during the weekends. Weather it be loneliness, depression due to finances or stresses from family/friends. I even notice I eat more when I'm depressed about my weight, if you can believe THAT self sabotage.
Its SO awesome to have these little epiphany's though. To truly know yourself, is really, in my opinion anyway, the start of winning the war, instead of just a battle here and there. Keep up the wonderful work!

yummy411 on 10:21 PM said...

kitty kaboom's comment was so true and sweet!

loving this jamez! im at war... im an emotional eater i need to change. i've tried, i've done it, but just haven't been able to stick with it.... and i need to.

i enjoy your posts. keep up the great work!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 6:28 PM said...

Jeni and Kia-thanks for the support!!! this emotional eating is battle within a war! I'm determined to win it.