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My Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale Haul....

Thursday, January 06, 2011


I broke down and went the VS Semi Annual Sale.I wasn't going to go due to the last trip a VS Sale ended in practically getting nothing.:(

Check out this video from the sale this summer:

This time, the sale was alot better to me and I got there a day after it started. The whole haul was $41.50 and I used a 30 % coupon, so the whole purchase was $30.79! Here's what I picked up....

 Dream Angels Heavenly and Little Sexy Things Deoderant Body Sprays ( they extremely strong, and they have good longevity) $2.50
 Vanilla and Sandalwood Body Butter -$4.00
 Body Scrubs: $4.50
Eye Glitter: $1.75 a piece
Sheer Gloss Sticks in  Hint and Exposed: $3.00 a piece
Matte Lipsticks ( they are really Satin in texture) : $3.00 a piece
VS Eye Shadows in Snow and Horizon: $3.00 a piece

Have you gotten to the sale yet? What did you get?


Savannah on 4:40 PM said...

Great buys girly!


Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 9:06 AM said...

thanks Savannah!