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Jamie's Weight Loss Diaries.... #3 Weigh In....

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Thursday is Weigh In Day...I weigh myself ONCE a week. I can't jump on the scale every day, all times of the day, when I feel fat, before a date....too much on my medicated brain. lol! Once a week is good for me. I'm a born again scale person. I'm  just now embracing the scale. I avoid it all thru my teens and twenties....

February 3, 2011


Down to 227lbs

I felt that I haven't lost much, mainly because my period was coming on! lol! I feel bloated and what not and to see a pound come off that, I'm happy.

I'm still aiming for 40lbs by 12/30/2011 but something inside of me wants it off by the summer. I'm physically miserable in the summer.... hot, sweaty. PERSONALLY, I feel its the weight gain. I want to this to be a breezy, smaller sized summer. But if I try to lose it all by May or June, is that too fast? I need to stick to the plan.

My size 20 jeans are too big!! I have to wear a belt to keep them up. Plus, I working out my workout plan, crafting it myself just for me, I'll reveal it when I think its working. lol!

Still working on my food choices.... I was watching a You Tuber and I remember her saying that it took her six months to figure out what would work for her before she really started lose the pounds. Its only been a bit over a month, I'm still in "trial" season so I'm beating myself up over a -1lb loss. -1lb is better than +1 a pound.:)


LaTonya on 1:47 AM said...

Your doing great! I recently noticed a few pounds creeping on so I started tracking what I was eating and noticed I was eating too much starches at night and dairy. So I stopped my starch intake after lunch and I cut out most of my dairy. I have dropped 4 lbs this week so far and I feel better than ever! Good luck on your journey.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 11:42 AM said...

LaTonya- good luck on your journey! I wish I could cut out dairy but I love eggs too much. lol