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Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Polish Strips in Laced Up....

Friday, February 25, 2011

 Happy Friday Everyone!!!

I've been anxiously awaiting to post this review on Sally Hansen Polish Stripsand I had some other things lined up but they fell thru:(. However the review will go up as promised!!

I bought my SH Polish Strips at Wal-Mart where we had a full display of them for weeks. Now, if you go that the display, most of the strips are gone! My Wal-Mart is never like that, so they must be good!

 The set comes with 16 strips, all different sizes, a file and a cuticle stick. So, basically its ONE application.
 I'm wearing Laced Up. It took me about 45 minutes. I was watching TV at the same time. lol!

They were fairly easy to apply and I'm not dextrous. I absolutely love them. They look professionally done for a few bucks. I took the advice of twitter friend/beauty blogger and put a top coat on them and the look lasted well over 3 days and probably more if I wasn't itching to change my polish.

The only con I would have would be the price. It was $8.50 for one application. I thought that was steep.

I plan on collecting as many of the printed and glitter ones that I can afford:).

Have you tried these and which are your favorites?


yummy411 on 11:27 AM said...

Love it! I bought the lace and blue ice strips but I have yet to use them because I got back into my glitter acrylics.

ODARA on 9:37 PM said...

I absolutely LOVE these! I saw these in a magazine and wondered how much they cost then spotted them in Rite-Aid. And when I saw that $9 price tag I kept it moving lol These are definitely a " treat yourself " kinda gift, nothing I can afford to buy on the regular.

But that Lace is adorable !! It's my favorite out of all of them. They look super cute! Great post! Ehh these are the times when those CVS extra bucks come in handy lol

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 7:41 PM said...

Kia- you need to send them to me then! lol!

Odara- I agree,I initially didnt buy them because of the price. My CVS hasn't got them yet, but I have 4 ECBS and a SH $1 off coupon waiting to get a box! lol!