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Review:Freetress Equal Lace Front with Baby Hairline in Billy.....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

 My wig game is a straight mess compared to those wig divas in You Tube! lol! I mean, I wear a wig as a protective style mainly in the winter, so only own a few wigs. The last wig I was wearing got very matted in the back very quick, so it was time to get another.

This is Freetress Equal Lace Front with Baby Hairline in Billy #1 . I bought her at my local BSS. She was originally $49.99 but he gave me 25% off discount. I dont think lace fronts move much down where I live. You rarely see women wearing them and I always get questions about mine.

 Its a full cap with clips in the front and nape.

-Beautiful waves and curls
-Soft texture
-Great glamous length
 There is only a little bit of a "baby" hairline. Didn't make much difference on me since I don't shave my edges back for that "clean" look.
-It sheds bad.
-The cap is too small for my head and all my hair

- I like the wig but Freetress Equal wig caps are too small. I hate that even after I pinned the sides down, it was still sliding back.


Maria on 8:33 PM said...

It looks relaly natural & pretty. Too bad it isn't a little better fitted/comfortable.