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Beauty Haul: BSS ( Beauty Supply Store) and Big Lots

Monday, March 28, 2011

Made a drive by to one of the local BSS' in town. Eh, it was a rainy Saturday and I was bored. So, I trolled the store and found some goodies!

Kleancolor No Color No Honey Palette ( Strange name, uh. O_-)
I bought it for the bottom four rows...I like the deep colors in it....$2.99
NK Polish-$1...Mardi Gras, Mystical and you can tell I'm trying to make up for never finding Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure.
NK Lipsticks ( got a post coming up on these and some more of them I already have)-$1 Chocolate, Purple Rain, Vibrant Orange.
White Diamonds ala Dame Elizabeth Taylor Oil....for nostalgia's sake.:)
$1 earrings
Then I dropped into Big Lots on Sunday...pressing my luck that I will bump into something epic in the beauty section. The obsession with discontinued products is getting worse!

Revlon Flexi-Buff Foot File-$2- uh? When did they sell these?
Sally Hansen Deep Callus Remover-$2- I'm putting together a pedicure kit for spring/summer feet for me. I hate paying for pedicures. In most cases, I do a better job than the techs.

Sponges-$1- I thought they were cute.:/
L'oreal eyeliner in Nude- hmmmmm.....dupe?
Ms. Manicure dual mineral brush- I like it already.


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