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Fashion: Grateful Tank by Deeply Rooted Apparel....

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I absolutely love the show Love That Girl, that airs on TVOne on Monday nights. One of really great aspects of watching it is the wardrobe of the girls, Tatyana Ali, Bresha Webb and Kendyl Joi. Here's a picture of Kendyl Joi, who plays Nefertiti on Love That Girl. She's always "conscientiously stylish". One episode, she and her BFF played by Tatyana Ali get in a squabble over loaned money. Before that happens, they go to happy hour and Nefertiti is wearing a tank with the words "Grateful" on it. I had to hunt down that tank!

And I found it! It's designed by a company called Deeply Rooted Apparel....

They only have the small size left though:(

So I'm ordering the t-shirt instead in my size! yay!! I can't wait to get it!! Check out Deeply Rooted Apparel!