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Fresh Coat: Ruby Kisses HD Polish in Bold And The Beautiful

Thursday, April 14, 2011

 One of my BSS has a new selection of Ruby Kisses and Kiss Cosmetics in a sparkling new display. Both my stomach and debit card dropped with excitement. lol!

I gave couple things, which I will be bringing you very soon....soon as I get another camera, because I had to return the one I purchase Saturday due to the fact that it SUCKED. If you would like to buy me a camera, preferbly a Kodak or a Canon please do not hesitate to ask for my address or Paypal email.:) I kid.I kid. lol!

Back to polish....alot of the colors for the Ruby Kisses HD polishes were colors I had seen before or already owned but I grabbed these two because they looked....different. I picked up  Mickey Mouse Me (????) and Bold And The Beautiful.
 Bold And The Beautiful is a creamy dark purple. This is ONE COAT. One coat is pure opaqueness! However, they are watery and the bottle seems to be filled to the brim. I spilled it twice just opening the bottle up. I guess they are called "HD" because they only require a coat.

Here both colors swatched and taken with that raggedy ass camera. *SIGH* I can't wait to wear Mickey Mouse Me. Why in the hell did they name it that?


Anonymous said...

Dang I need to find a BSS that has this brand. The ones around me are pretty janky.