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Get It Right Now!!! Clean Summer Escape Eau de Parfum

Thursday, April 28, 2011

We are not always able to purchase a whole new summer wardrobe but one the best ways to upgrade your style is with a new scent!

Clean Bath & Body Collection is introducing  Clean Summer Escape for the summer. Its like bottled up tropical vacation. If you can't get to an tropical island, you can definitely spray it in Clean Summer Escape!

Let's take notes ( which is my favorite part of perfume)

Top: Crisp Bergamot, Beach Grass, Mandarin Orange
Mid: Water Lily, Summer Peony, Beach Honeysuckle,Orange Flower
Base: Cotton Blossom, White Sand Accord, Driftwood, Coconut Water

White Sand Accord and Driftwood??? Yes ma'am!! They are actual notes that can be found in light, floral fragrances.

When I spray this, I automatically pick up the Summer Peony and Honeysuckle and White Lily which gives me a sweet light floral scent. The Bergamot is subtle as it dries, but its there to create a bit of warmth like an island sunset. The final finish combines the floral with the Orange Flower and Mandarin Orange.

This a must buy for your summer scent wardrobe. Its unique, fun, and fresh for 2011. Get it right now!!!

Disclosure: This item was sent to me for review. I was not paid to do the review and the all views are honest.


Keianna Johnson (KeeKeeAllNatural) on 2:55 PM said...

I can't wait to smell this....I personally love fresh scent.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 5:23 PM said...

you will this one then!:)