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Adorn'd ~Miss Priss Jewels~

Monday, May 23, 2011

Let me pace myself.... When say I'm a fan of Miss Priss Jewels....I am a FAN, honey!! I was first inspired by her nail art, so much that I did a Fresh Coat post with my own inspired nail art. I constantly troll her Etsy site and recently she did a Ethnic Barbie collection ( most of that is SOLD OUT) that was classy and well articulated. Any woman, any age could wear those Barbie pieces!! Check out what I have from Miss Priss Jewels......

First, Kari, the owner, so graciously gifted me this beautiful bejewled compact called Sexy & Sophisticated Compact Mirror. It has a double mirror inside and gorgeous rhinestones on the outside. I pull this out of handbag every chance I get!!!

Then, I purchased the Afro Barbie earrings...that I've been wearing with EVERYTHING!!

 Visit Miss Priss Jewels at  and !!!


Miss Prissy on 7:49 PM said...

Wow such an honor to have you write this on your blog. I truly appreciate all the support and love you've shown Miss Priss Jewels! You're amazing, sis! Much love!


Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 5:51 PM said...

Anything for you Miss Kari!!!