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Jamie's Weight Loss Diaries....#18 Weigh In

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

***Thursday is Weigh In Day...I weigh myself ONCE a week. I can't jump on the scale every day, all times of the day, when I feel fat, before a date....too much on my medicated brain. lol! Once a week is good for me. I'm a born again scale person. I'm just now embracing the scale. I avoid it all thru my teens and twenties....***

May 12, 2011

+1 lbs

Up to 218lbs

(20 lbs lost since 12/30/2010)

Just one of those weeks ( and this week) that nothing tastes good. Food rut. Plus I'm waiting for a little financial windfall that is expected to come so I can reactivate my Y membership for the quarter. *sigh*

I wonder what life would be like to be stress free. There is no doubt that stress is one the creators of my weight plateaus....and everything else around me.

Hope everyone is having a good week:).